Sunday, November 13, 2011

Patronales: Abuelitos & Bday Party

The Abuelos arrived on Nov 3rd  and it was wonderful having them here for your celebration. They sang the birthday song over 10 times during the week (which you love), took turns reading bedtime stories and got down and dirty to play with you.

They also saved my neck! You see, this is the first time I plan your birthday as a full time mom and I may have gone a bit overboard and overestimated how much I could do. Thank God for your Dad and Grandparents willingness to help :)
Dad picked up the balloons, made all the burgers and took all the photos.
Abuelo prepared all the snacks for the adults (grapes with cheese on a stick and brie with walnuts on apples... yummy).

Abuela stayed up with me until 2:30am the night before as she prepared the sweet skewers (left) and building the pom poms (top right) for decorations among other things.

You were also really helpful, not only did you put glitter on anything that needed glitter but also helped place the balloons.
It was truly a team effort.

We had pink lemonade, water and strawberry shakes for drinks

There was popcorn, pink bubbles, Star shaped sandwiches (Ham&Cheese and PB&J), some pink lollypops, pink pinwheels, pink M&Ms, pink jelly beans and a cupcake tower with pink frosting which took me most of the night to bake and decorate.

As the girls arrived they were ushered into the make up corner where they put on tutus, got a tattoo and had their nails and hair done.  

Once you were all gussied up your Dad took a picture of each girl, which we framed and gave out to each guest as a thank you for joining you to celebrate your 4th year of life.

We had a crown decorating activity.

You also enjoyed the "saltarin" which you picked out of several on the internet.

There was a treasure trove, where each girl had to find the hidden coins with their initials. As soon as they found at least three of the hidden coins they could trade them in for ballerina themed rings.
You enjoyed helping direct the activity.

Finally each girl decorated her own cupcake in preparation for the Birthday Song

which still holds magic for you!

You all ate and played to your hearts content and I had a great time putting my planning skills to good use ;)

Salud mi amor que cumplas muchos mas y que sean todos años llenos de mucho amor, aprendizajes y felicidad. Te amamos y hoy estoy agradecida de poder celebrar tu vida.

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