Sunday, November 13, 2011

Patronales: Tita & Andrew

Tita & Tio Andrew arrived on Nov 1st to celebrate your birthday early.  We had been in countdown mode for almost a month (we had 22 happy faces on a calendar and each day we would take one down).  As it is now becoming customary she brought you one gift per each day she was going to stay for your birthday (on top of two suitcases full of clothing, quilts, sheets and birthday supplies I ordered on line!).

Early on the second morning you already had a new puppy and the strawberry shortcake gang, to which you later added a Barbie Fashionista, some cool make up and even Tinker bell slippers.

You asked her how she knew what you had been wanting and she told you that a little birdie had told her.   Just a  few hours ago you were speaking in a funny voice, when I asked about it you said you were talking to Titas birdie :O. 

We went to Vulqano Park

were you asked Tita to ride the roller coaster with you

the Pirate Ship was fun too! 
More so for you than us I suspect ;)

Tita and Tio Andrew very patiently  waited for you to do as many rides as you wanted.

It was terrific having them visit and while they were here it was as if no one else existed. 
You wanted to sit next to Tita, play with Tita, sleep with Tita, have her take you to the bathroom and even eat what she was eating.  

It is lovely to see a bond that will last a lifetime strengthen like this.
Today I am grateful for my sister and that you love her as much as I do.

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