Thursday, December 8, 2011

This and That

We are now in full Christmas mood but you have been busy celebrating your dolls birthdays. As it turns out most of them were born in November like you... what a coinquidinc!
It is both funny and endearing to see you doing this around the house in preparation for each of their parties.

After we have sang happy birthday, you do all the pick up and save the paper for the next party. 
At this point it is mostly toilet paper dust!

We will be traveling three out of the four weeks of december so we limited Xmas decorations to a small tree in your bedroom.
Xmas trees and Xmas music are your favorite things about the season (after Santa of course). 

Also, Quito celebrates it foundation during the first week of Dec and at your school you celebrated by getting dressed up in colonial outfits and having some delicious typical food.

You loved your dress. I think this era suits your sensibilities a great deal.

This is Leandro. He is one of your closest friends at school.  
His last name is Moreira so you call each other Moreirita. 

His mom just gave birth to a 27 week year old baby girl and has been spending most of her time at the hospital. So we have had him over quite a few times for playdates during this past few weeks. You like to play he is your baby, a dog, karate and like to find places of which to jump from (including the top bunkbed!)

A few weeks ago we went to the Quito Zoo. Its a really nice zoo and it was great to be able to share it with Avi, who is an animal lover and actually likes it when you read the info in front of each exhibit.

 Giant turtles were awesome.

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