Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bye Bye Training Wheels

If you ask me learning how to ride a bike is one of the most memorable of childhood adventures. It is a first taste of independence and one of the first evident experiences of self reliance.

If you ask your Dad, it is the MOST profound experience in childhood, one that holds the promise of enlightenment (no I am not over doing it, this is what he thinks!).

So I hope you understand our excitement when we witnessed you riding your two wheeler for the first time.

That day you learned that you could fall, you learned you could try again,  you learned it is important to wear the right gear (socks and sneakers) and you learned you can do it!

As parents, most of what we hope for is for you to have the confidence to take risks and reach your goals. To grow up to be independent and proud of your accomplishments.
So here is hoping you feel proud today sweetie ;)

Mini City

Mini City is a really cool concept, like its name suggests is a city for small people but with some big people rules. We visited with Luciana and Martina a couple weeks ago for the first time.

As you walk in, the first place you visit is the bank where you retrieve money from you account.
Then you get to spend it doing fun stuff like getting a drivers license to drive car or like buying yummy ice cream. Eventually the money dries up but there is still lots to do...

So, you get the chance to earn some more.

As a pharmacist dispensing medicine, as a cop requesting pedestrians follow the signals on the road and as a baker.

Then it was time to go spend again and this is were all the hard work went to ;)

Great fun, solid lessons, must do again!

Sweet Valentine

I am not a big Valentines day fan, in fact I am not even a little Valentines day fan, but this weekend we got the baking bug again.
You helped me prepare the sugar dough, roll it out and cut out the shapes.
You helped me place them on cookie sheets and even decorated your own batch.

I really enjoy working with you, yeah sometimes you talk a lot (I mean you wont shut up!) and we often take turns choosing the music (so I get treated to a lot Heigh Hos and Xmas music) but it is all well worth it when I see the look of satisfaction on your face as we finish each step of the process.

Ta da!! Pretty cookies!

We made individual cups for your classmates (top left) and it warmed my heart to see you happily give them out today. We also sent your Dad to the office with a few cookie bouquets (bottom left).

Today I am grateful for you my petite helper, so much so that I am actually looking forward to next Valentines Day.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

La Abuelita Esther

Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts, and when we lose them, we lose a special kind of love. You see, by the time they become grandparents, they have practiced loving so much that you never doubt, not for a second, how strongly they feel about you and for me, this is where the unbreakable bond with grandparents is born and you can't help but love them back.

This past Dec 23rd you lost one of your great-grandmothers and I lost one of my grandmothers: La Abuelita Esther.

She was an independent spirit and a much stronger woman than her 5" and change frame would lead you to believe. There is so much I will tell you about her over the years; but one of the greatest lessons she left me was that she never let herself be defined by her sorrows (which ran deep), but instead she chose to be defined by her willingness to live and love. 

Cherish your grandparents Juli. Because no matter how long they live, whether it be 72 or 95, they always leave too soon.

Today I am grateful. Grateful that I was able to say goodbye, grateful that she got to hold you in her arms and most grateful for all the many memories of time shared.  

Today is Saturday and I miss her.
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