Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Family: Miami

You were born into a family of Nomads (at least on my branch of the family tree) and the implications of that are important, as you will see throughout your life.
One implication is that there is always travel involved when the holidays come around.  Our first stop this year was Miami. Where Tita & Tio Andrew were waiting with a blank tree for you to decorate.

Tita let you do it all by yourself :)

We visited Crandon Park where you saw jellyfish for the first time.

Titas office is right next to the Intercontinental Hotel, where we would pick her up almost everyday. We played in the park while we waited and she greeted us with fresh starbucks xmas coffee for me and some white and black cookies for you 
(ok ok cookies for all!).

This year we took you to Santa's Enchanted Forest and it was a blast. 
We rode a lot of cool rides including your first big water drop.

Feeding the pigeons and having lunch @ South Beach.

No visit would be complete without a pit stop at the Children's Museum.
Getting your groove on!

Answering the 911 call at the fire station and chatting up the pirate.
Till next time Miami and thank you Tita and Andrew for your all your kind hospitality :) 
Kind hospitality aka: picking and dropping us up at the airport at unseemly hours, lending us your car, taking time off your busy schedule to be visit with us, been woken up early (even on the weekends) by noisy little feet and for continuing to warehouse all our stuff. Thank you sooooo much!

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  1. We enjoy so much having you, we are so glad it might be an annual tradition, thanks to DHL ;0)


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