Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Family Tour: Panama

Panama was our next stop, our camera man was not able to accompany us so I have very few pictures of this leg of the tour. Still many special moments to record.  We got to spend time with Aunt Deni, Andrea, Max and Lucienne at Las Cumbres.

This is yours and Maxis first ride on bumper cars. 

You all loved it and went twice!

We also spent time with Tia Neili and her threesome Isa, Bernie and Giancarlo. They have all grown so much since we last saw them and I was so happy you got to see them all.

Time with Enri is always a pleasure, who is loving playing with cars and things that go round and round.

There is a new dog at Las Cumbres, a Boxer named Magna (you called him Magdac) and you quickly got into the habit of giving him and Blanco a morning snack. At first you kind of just threw it at them but slowly worked your way up to giving it to them in their mouths.  You really like dogs and I often find myself on the brink of caving in and getting you one, but just as often I am brought back from that edge by your Dads reality checks :o)

This visit you got the chance to take the periquito out of his cage and hang out with him for some hours in the mornings.
You got a huge kick out of it.

We had a wonderful time in Panama you got your share of play fighting with Tio Qco, spent time with the Mendez Amado and the Rodriguez Moreira at their homes, went to McD for some fries with Tia Judy and got your first heirloom from Yolibu - a lovely Xmas Carrousel!

I love that we get the chance to be with our extended family face to face. For me these are interactions that are affirming. They provide a sense of support and an identity based on both what is shared among us and what is unique about each of us. 

All in all a great week!

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  1. Que foto mas bella la de Enlico (como dirias tu Julis)


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