Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas Family Tour: Costa Rica

The last leg was in your beloved Costa Rica where we spent Xmas with the Rodriguez family

Check out the nail salon Tia Nena got you.  You went to town right the next morning 

And Tia Ade was very gracious about doing your nails and getting them done too.

Have I mentioned that you are an animal lover? or that dogs are your favorite? 
Seriously,  as soon as one comes into a room the rest of humanity is lost to you.  

 This is Calita and she is an angel. She does not mind you treating her like a baby.

I absolutely love getting hugged by you. 

A couple of days later we did the tree at the Moreira Amados.

Tio Andrew was "Santa" and you were the helper

Here are a few pics for those of you who sent gifts and were not able to see her opening them.

Thank you Tere and Sarah for all the cool Rapunzel gear and the PJs, they fit great!
Tita I know you were there but still the pic of her face as she opened the Barbie pool is priceless.
Tio Xavi and Tia Mari the ballet gear was awesome and the puzzle is a weekly activity for Julis.
Tia Yola the dress fit perfectly!
Thank you all.

No visit to CR would be complete without a visit to friends.

Dancing with Cons o como tu dices haciendo Bailet. At the playground with Cons and Dieguito and watching a movie with Renata.

We welcomed the new year at the Abuelos apartment.
Grandma let you help her out with the Indian Rice which is a classic at their home.  

It was a great evening and the view couldn't have been better - we got to enjoy all the fireworks from the west side of town.

A day later we were off to Bahia Ballena which quickly became one of my favorite spots in the country.
Awesome pool views

ocean views

mountain views

On this trip you must have been bitten by the adventure bug. You asked if you could take a surf lesson. You were on the board for about 40 minutes and were quite frustrated that you could not stand up.
We all went snorkeling and you were dying to try it, but felt you could not breath properly so after many attempts and again a major dosage of frustration we agree to teach you how to do it at the pool so next time we came you could snorkel.

Still all in all it was wonderful time.

On our way back to Quito you said:
Tu:  "Sabes mama yo creo que algun dia lo lograremos"
Yo:  "Que lograremos mija?"
Tu:  "Vivir en Costa Rica!"
Yo:  Internal ouch! "Claro que si mija algún día".

Until next time...

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