Saturday, February 4, 2012

La Abuelita Esther

Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts, and when we lose them, we lose a special kind of love. You see, by the time they become grandparents, they have practiced loving so much that you never doubt, not for a second, how strongly they feel about you and for me, this is where the unbreakable bond with grandparents is born and you can't help but love them back.

This past Dec 23rd you lost one of your great-grandmothers and I lost one of my grandmothers: La Abuelita Esther.

She was an independent spirit and a much stronger woman than her 5" and change frame would lead you to believe. There is so much I will tell you about her over the years; but one of the greatest lessons she left me was that she never let herself be defined by her sorrows (which ran deep), but instead she chose to be defined by her willingness to live and love. 

Cherish your grandparents Juli. Because no matter how long they live, whether it be 72 or 95, they always leave too soon.

Today I am grateful. Grateful that I was able to say goodbye, grateful that she got to hold you in her arms and most grateful for all the many memories of time shared.  

Today is Saturday and I miss her.


  1. Love this post, all very true.. Love you Abuelita

  2. Beautifully said and felt. Nos hace mucha falta la abuela.


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