Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Look what I Caught Mom!

You love animals.
Me cringing every time you go near, pick up, hug o put in your pocket an animal or me wiping your hands with wipes and alcohol gel after you have had your fun has not dissuaded you from engaging with them every opportunity you have.

Feeding the goats

To Catch a chicken

Coming in for the hug

Uh Oh found a dog (your favorite).  
I am sure the owner missed him most of the afternoon. 

Forget dolls, tv or balls... any live creature will trump most activities.
You recently discovered that insects are one of the most readily available type of animal and are on the hunt for them all the time.
I find these little critters in your purses and backpacks all the time (ewww!)

You hardly ever leave the house without packing your magnifying glass 
and will enlist any help you can get.

Today I am grateful you have not become blasé about the truly inspiring and awesome things of nature or are generally grossed out like me ;P 

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