Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Favorite Things

Other things which engage you big time at this point in your life (along with animals) are:


 You love going out to the Parque Metropolitano with your Dad on the weekends.

And during the week often settle for riding around the cul de sac, which is not nearly as fun, but allows you to practice going down and up hills as well as the sidewalk.
Sometimes its uneventful and fun; others not so much. Here is a sample of both.

It was a bad fall.  It hurt. But we cleaned your wound. Band aided you up. Kissed your tears away.
Got the protective gear out.  And off you went again.  Brave little girl :)

Tuesdays and Thursdays are all about ballet.  Every now and then I will catch you stretching at home and ask what you are doing.  Your reply:  "Mama, es para no ponerme tiesa!"
These photos were taken at a demonstrative class last month

But this expression of happiness is the same one you have at the end of each class.


Everyday day, a couple of times a day, you create something.
You are not a huge fan of coloring books and prefer blank pieces of paper.
Your favorite supplies include glitter, glue, water, scotch tape and brushes. The water is not always for the paint, sometimes is for the play doh, or the crepe paper and sometimes is just to mix with the glue. But there is almost always (messy) water.

You love color.
Case in point:
Tu: Mama que aburridas todas estas casas.
Yo: Te parecen aburridas?
Tu: Si.
Yo: Por que?
Tu: Son todas de los mismos colores.
Yo: Como serian si fuera tu casa y tu decidieras?
Tu: Facil. Tendria el techo rosa y las paredes de los colores del arco iris.

We both smiled at the thought the rest of the way home.

Here are some of your latest creations

Your favorite insect/bug is the slug worm, which you like to hold in your hands (leaving me holding a little barf in my mouth). So you decided to make one for me that I could hold without being grossed out. Thank you for that!

I do not know if any of these interests will accompany you into adulthood.
God knows I played with a tadpole or two hundred when I was your age.
But, what I am hoping you DO take into adulthood, is truly connecting with something you do everyday.

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