Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sense of Humor

One thing that has developed quite rapidly over the past couple of months is your sense of humor.

You think pedo, popo and pipi are the funniest words in the dictionary. And poop can be an adjective for almost anything - "ese nino se merece un bacalao con cara de popo!"

One of your favorite lines "Te estas ganando una patada en el poto mama!".  
It cracks you up to hear yourself say it (It makes me giggle too)

Your favorite TV shows used to be Dora, Special Agente Oso and Go Diego Go. Now your favorites are Tom & Jerry, Sponge Bob and the one that makes you laugh the most: El Chavo/Chespirito.

This is for sure an important milestone for few pleasures rival yukking it up with you while watching these and other funny happenings.

Today I am grateful for the mischievous laughs we have shared and look forward to all the ones to come.

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