Saturday, May 5, 2012

So Much for Plan B

It happened again (yeah!).
Last time we tried to get pregnant we tried for a while. Eventually, we decided to design a plan B and asked ourselves how would our lives be different if we were to end up childless?

It would have been very different indeed.

We would move to a beach in Guanacaste and open up a bike shop and mountain bike touring company. The more we gave that idea legs the more attractive it got. After all, the quality of the schools did not matter and we always knew we could make ends meet given our limited economic needs.
As soon as we started crunching the numbers and had enough to get the business started... surprise! here comes Julis.

We couldn't have been happier.

This time around we decided that if we were unable to get pregnant with Baby #2 by the time I turned 40, we would buy Julis a dog. After all, she should have a relationship of her own that she would not have to leave behind every time we moved.  Bear in mind that Jose and I are not dog people; so it was a big decision for us.  And so, one week after we put Plan B into place and bought a very cute (but lots of work) puppy, Plan A happens again, yeah!  (too bad I cant return the dog ;P)

We couldn't be happier.

Who would have thunk that Plan B would be the road to Plan A?

Today, I do not have words to describe the gratitude that fills my soul, so I leave you with Baby Chaveiras first video.

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