Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Ballet has been part of your weekly routine for an entire school year now. You have enjoyed it every step of the way and have come quite a long way. Your teacher has commended you on your "constancia" and I have to say I have been impressed by it as well.

I love the fact that it is a relaxed environment, geared towards having fun but has never failed to provide opportunities for you to feel competent.

You have gained lots of flexibility and can now do things you were unable to do at the beginning of the year. 

Plus, you look sooo cute in your Tutu.

Here is a video of your presentation. I apologize beforehand for the shoddy quality of the images. It is pretty bad!  There were some small finger prints on the lens which I failed to notice and clean before shooting. 
Still, I think it is worth recording in your blog for future enjoyment and you can always tell which one is you (like your mom before you, you are the tallest in your class!)

Desde que me pidío el doctor que estuviese en reposo accediste a participar en una actividad extracurricular adicional para asi cooperar con la causa. Escogiste Aikido.
 Aikido es una arte marcial Japonés que busca neutralizar a un atacante sin dañarle o humillarle y forma a sus participantes como promotores de paz.

En esta fase esta muy enfocado en enseñarte a caer de todas las formas posibles para luego ponerte de pie. Conceptualmente es algo intrigante y para una persona tan competitiva como tu me parece que es una buena práctica.

Con tu profe Salvador y la Tia Lore Hidalgo.  En primera fila de izquierda a derecha Antoine, Noah, Jose Manuel, No me se el nombre 1, No me se el nombre 2 y Tu. La unica chica en la clase.

Aca otro de mis videos mal filmados. Pero bueno... we will do with what we have and I will find a way to shoot better video next year I promise. 

Hoy estoy agradecida por que te sientes igual de cómoda y eres capaz de disfrutar en una actividad donde solo hay niñas como en una donde eres la única mujer.  

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