Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Parties

Your friend from ballet, Naomi,  celebrated her birthday  in splendid fashion this June at Cafe Mare. A swiss owned place with great food and an awesome hippie setting.
The birthday girl and her Dad.

There was a storyteller, who told you stories for about an hour. Afterwards, you promptly came to inform me that I was no longer your favorite storyteller and ran off to continue to play as I nursed my bruised ego ;P

Each of you baked your own pizza

The icing on the cake was of course the fact that there were tons of puppies around, 
which made your day!

We also helped Luciana celebrate her 5th in June.

You were all invited to wear any princess gown of your choice.

And each guest had a personal ceramic piñata to break (wohooo!)

Beautiful family!

Today I am a bit sad I am no longer your #1 choice for storytelling, but I am happy to take you back to Cafe Mare every other Friday afternoon so you can hear a la nueva cuenta cuentos contar sus historias. I am very grateful you get to enjoy this activity while I have a delicious cup of tea and lay on a hammock to read.

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