Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer with Friends & Family

This like every summer since we left your country of birth we have been lucky enough to be able to go back and enjoy time with family and friends.

Tere and JP (Jayp) were there as well and we were very lucky to be able to spend time with them. You played ball, painted, got tickled and swam with them almost everyday. It was great to see you bond with your cousins.

You also got to visit with your friends.
Went out an afternoon with Renata to the Wild Animal Shelter.

You were so happy to see your dear friend neither of you stopped talking for the first half hour or so.  At the shelter you got to pet and play with this little marsupial friend. Tere was fond of him until he started climbing on top of her and freaked her out a bit.
We also went to pizza hut, upon Renatas request. It was your first time there and you loved it!

Off to the apartment to play and bake rainbow cupcakes with the gang.
It was great to see her thriving and the two of you to pick up right were you left off.

You were also able to spend some time with Cons.
You painted, cooked, jumped around, played Go Fish and went undercover as mustachioed men. Very cute!

Last summer you learned how to play dominoes (animal dominoes); this summer it was Go Fish.

Here you are playing wit Tita (and Olivia who here is in her 5th month)

Tambien tuviste oportunidad de estar con la familia en Moravia donde les pintaste las unas, vestiste a la Tia Nena y la pusiste a modelar, hicieron una cama para el Coopi, practicaste el tejido y la cocinada.

La Tia Nena y tu se dieron una escapadita al parque de diversiones. Regresaste feliz como una lombriz al igual que la Tia Nena. De fijo se la pasaron genial!

Estuviste feliz de ver a Amelia que esta super grande y desenvuelta. Le visitamos en su casa y  tuvieron oportunidad de jugar donde la Bisabu.

Te metimos en clases de natacion 3 veces por semana. Te encantaron e ibas feliz todos los días.

Tuviste oportunidad de poner en practica los aprendizajes de la clases buceando por piedras, parada de manos debajo del agua y nadando con los brazos afuera.

Realmente te encanta la playa y es de las cosas que mas extrañamos todos de CR.

Un viaje a CR no estaria completo sin una visita a la montana. La cual también amas.

Le das de comer a los patos, remas en el bote y sales a explorar. En esta ocasión regresaste empapada de explorar pues te caiste en la orilla de uno de los lagos :P 

Después de una pasada por el jacuzzi, tus primos te enseñaron como hacer Smores al fuego. Yummmm!!!

Fueron unas vacaciones espectaculares y la próxima vez que regresemos seremos 4 Chaveiras y 3 Dickeys! Que mas se le puede pedir a la vida?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Have Kid, will Travel.

You first got on a plane when you were a little under 4 months old.  I find that every trip results in sprouts of growth for you. I can also feel my confidence in your maturity and abilities enhanced with each step we take away from our neighborhood and routines.

Your Dad and I like to include travel to be with family and also what we could call "exploration" travel. This year, because of our pregnancy, the plans for the roadtrip from San Diego to San Francisco this August had to be postponed. But are grateful we could include a trip to Costa Rica to reconnect with family and friends.

You have gotten incredibly proficient at packing your backpack with the things you think will be useful to you on your way to and at your destination.  You have also become a wonderful travel companion (my very favorite, I must confess).

I have met many people who are reluctant of traveling with kids, but I am convinced that it is a good thing for kids.  They find new interests, or expand on interests they already have.  They learn how to handle new situations, and interact with new people. They learn patience; sometimes it takes a long time to get to somewhere really exciting or interesting. Their naturally curious and explorative nature is further ignited by different people, smells, foods, colors, etc.

Traveling with kids is also good for parents. It strengthens your special bond, helps you focus more on the journey instead of the destination and that "seeing it all" is not what is important , but spending time together is truly what matters.

Today I am grateful for travel opportunities as they fuel your growth and strengthen our bond.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Good-byes can be rough

This summer was the first time you had to separate from Cooper.  We explained in advance he would be staying at a hotel with other dogs, plenty of green space to run around and his favorite toys. We showed you pictures of the hotel and felt you were fairly well prepared for the separation.
However, the day of the good bye took us all by surprise and were all pretty moved about how strongly we felt about this little creature after only a few months.

This was your face.

We tried to focus your melancholy into something a bit more uplifting and so got you to work on "Hello" gifts for him for when he came home. And so you decorated his bed with art and a heartfelt letter.

 It was rough but we will see Coopie soon enough.
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