Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day at Academia Cotopaxi

Today was your first day of "big girl" school. Your new schools name is Academia Cotopaxi and its an international school where many teachers and students, like yourself, are "visiting" Ecuador.

You have been very much looking forward to this day, as have we. It should be interesting to see you deal with an only English speaking environment (especially since our home has been mostly spanish speaking). Moreover, you will become a bus rider this year, your Dad drives you most mornings but you will be busing it in the afternoons and it is a good hour ride (yikes!)

In any case, as far as first days go, This one went well and I can tell simply because you were happy to go back on day 2.

I would be remiss to exclude what I consider another milestone in your life. We went to lunch today and for the first time ever you ordered the big salad as your meal.  Once you were done choosing what you wanted on your salad, you turned to me and asked: "Te impresioné con mi decisión?"
Yes. Yes you did.

I got all verklempt...

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