Saturday, July 7, 2012

Have Kid, will Travel.

You first got on a plane when you were a little under 4 months old.  I find that every trip results in sprouts of growth for you. I can also feel my confidence in your maturity and abilities enhanced with each step we take away from our neighborhood and routines.

Your Dad and I like to include travel to be with family and also what we could call "exploration" travel. This year, because of our pregnancy, the plans for the roadtrip from San Diego to San Francisco this August had to be postponed. But are grateful we could include a trip to Costa Rica to reconnect with family and friends.

You have gotten incredibly proficient at packing your backpack with the things you think will be useful to you on your way to and at your destination.  You have also become a wonderful travel companion (my very favorite, I must confess).

I have met many people who are reluctant of traveling with kids, but I am convinced that it is a good thing for kids.  They find new interests, or expand on interests they already have.  They learn how to handle new situations, and interact with new people. They learn patience; sometimes it takes a long time to get to somewhere really exciting or interesting. Their naturally curious and explorative nature is further ignited by different people, smells, foods, colors, etc.

Traveling with kids is also good for parents. It strengthens your special bond, helps you focus more on the journey instead of the destination and that "seeing it all" is not what is important , but spending time together is truly what matters.

Today I am grateful for travel opportunities as they fuel your growth and strengthen our bond.

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