Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lucia's Nursery

Dear Lucy, I am still 10 weeks aways from our due date, so chances are I am not done nesting; but aside from a few finishing touches your nursery is ready.

As our readers may remember from the last post, we re purposed our guest room and this is the result of the transformation.

 These are your sleeping quarters. 

One of my favorite things in the nursery is the effect of the white birch tree decal against the gray wall, which I got at along with the owls, butterfly pillow, sheeting and the prints on the wall. The crib is a hand me down from Juli, the rest of the furniture was custom made by Baby Lula.

This is the guest part of the room. Its an extra long trundle bed.  So when we have overnight guests we can move the crib into our bedroom, place the bookcase where the crib is now and pull out the additional single bed to comfortably sleep two people in the room.

 The changing table will convert into a dresser as soon as you no longer need it. 

I painted the letters made out of chipboard and re purposed some old coasters with scrapbooking paper to mount each one and make your name.

This is the view from the rocking chair. I can't wait to rock you to sleep, sing and read to you here.

And of course a nod to one of your Dads passions and one of his deep held beliefs :D

I hope you enjoy this space, as I know I will and that we both enjoy sleep filled nights - hey! no harm in wishful thinking ;)

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  1. Hey, this room is awesome! You went all out Meli! And thank goodness you were nesting because everything is ready for Lu to come home. I can't wait until you're rocking her in that chair either!


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