Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nesting Attack

I got the nesting bug as soon as I hit the second trimester. Since then, many rooms in the house have been painted, deep cleaned, re organized and re purposed.

The first thing that I wanted to do was dismantle the guest room to re purpose it as Lucia's nursery.
Pretty harmless looking on the surface, no?

However, a spacious closet, an 8 drawer dresser and a 6 level armoire, meant this room had a LOT of storage space and therefore  a lot of stuff in it.
And so, after sorting everything into Keep, Donate and Trash, we ended up with a blank canvas for a nursery :) and uh oh  8 more bins for our real storage room.

Which takes me to the following project. The storage room.
Repeated the Keep, Donate and Trash process and re organized the room which now holds, suitcases, golf clubs, xmas decor, camping equipment and the 8 bins from what used to be the guest/upstairs storage room ;P

Next, I decided it would be a good idea to provide an upgrade for Julis room, since she would be witnessing the creation of Lucia's nursery and I did not want her to feel ignored.
Her classroom in playtime had a lot of "rincones" with different purposes, so I asked her if she could have any of these rincones at home which one would it be. She said she liked "El Rincon del Silencio"   and showed it to me. It was marked by a net that hung from the roof, lots of pillows and a basket filled with books.  Conceptually I thought it was fantastic and it looked easy enough to make and so,  the promise to have one in her room was born. 

But first things first. Keep, Donate and Trash! 

Oooooh love organized closets!  

A few purchases (most of which Juli chose, including the paint color) and a little elbow grease later. Shhhhh. A Silence Corner. 

You loved it! So much so that at least 3 nights a week you choose to sleep there.

I also threw in an art wall right next to your bed as a bonus.

Painted some chipboard frames and decorated them with scrapbooking paper. Also made the string and clothes pin art display so Juli can hang her favorite works of art.

Next came the playroom (yeah nesting galore!). Not a huge overhaul simply Keep/Donate/Trash plus a bit better organization.

Our playroom is the smallest room in the house, but it is the room where we spend the most time in. We have plenty of comfy and child friendly seating (leather is truly resistant)
A blackboard with colorful chalk.

Lots of toy storage grouped by themes.

My two favorite storage items: Boxes and Zip Lock bags.
Especially like the baggies for storing puzzles. I cut out the puzzle image include it in the baggie and voila = huge space saving.

Love labeling and because Julis cant read yet I make sure pictures accompany the words, so she knows where everything goes. 

Big TV for movie watching and game playing. 
Yes it is a small room; but it has everything we need.

It has been a busy month but the urge to nest is a strong one in this mommy to be. 
I just love it when everything has its place, it gives me a sense of peace (and not the superfluous kind of peace, a deep sense of it really). Having a place for everything also keeps my life simple, I buy less stuff. I am constantly asking myself before I purchase anything, where would I put it? and most often than not I choose not to add stuff to my life. It is nice. 

One of the expectations around this house is that Juli picks up after herself. 
We have a chart. She earns a smiley face at the end of every day if she has managed to pick up all the toys she has used without been asked to do so by any adult in the house.  15 smiley faces earn her a reward (under $10).  

This was the reward you chose last week :)
Now if I could only get Cooper to pick up his toys from the backyard, I would be home free!

Today I am grateful that our home is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. 

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