Monday, November 26, 2012

Tio Xavi

A few weeks after you came home Tio Xavi came to meet you. We were so happy to have him visit us for the first time here in Quito.

It is customary for Juli to offer the bottom bunk to visitors and Tio Xavi was not the exception. Juli usually takes the top bunk on the visitors first and last night in Quito. The difference was that you were having so much fun with Tio Xavi, that you did something you had never done with any visitor ever: you chose to sleep on the top bunk every night he was here. Hooray for Tio Xavi who went for the gold!  Lets face it. he has always had super powers when it comes to kids.

Wait and see Luci, you will be sucked into the vortex that is having fun with Tio Xavi too when your
time comes.

In the meantime there was lots of apapachamiento.

While Xavi was here we got the call: Emma had gone into labor. In fact, she was in labor for almost as long as Xavi was here!  I joke, but it was close to 24 hours of labor. So yeah your Tia Emma might be tiny but she is one tough cookie!

But check out what all that effort brought forth: baby Oli!  Welcome sweetheart. 
We love you!!!

Today I am grateful for my girls bonding with their uncle, 
I am grateful for my beautiful niece and most of all I am grateful my baby sister has become a mommy, a role I am certain she will be absolutely wonderful at.

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