Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Uno y Seis

Juli, Luci,

Este año celebramos los cumpleaños uno y seis - en ese respectivo orden.

La celebración del uno fue algo más íntimo con amigos cercanos. La del seis un evento algo más concurrido con amigos del kinder. En ambos, Mamá puso mucho cariño en la preparación y detalles específicos para hacerlos únicos.

Algunas de las fotografías que los relatan:

Primeras video llamadas de felicitación
Mamá a cargo de la decoración

Galletas hechas con mucho cariño

Y no pueden faltar los cupcakes

Family pic

Mamá te hizo un pastel especial para comer sin censura

Y al final una película (bueno ya tu estabas dormida)

Foto oficial de un año

Julia. La celebración preliminar en la escuela

Avi, un gran amigo durante estos tres años en Ecuador 

Con una de tus comidas favoritas, pizza

Tu mejor amiga Katina, fan de Lu

Hora de los juegos

Anticipación del pastel

Algunos de los invitados

Tu deseo fue ser la mejor en la bici y mucha salud para Lu 

Friday, November 1, 2013

The places you'll go...


hay varios lugares en Quito que te encantan, uno en particular que luego de casi tres años sigues pidiendo ir, y sigues disfrutando cada vez como la primera vez. Se trata de MiniCity, una pequeña ciudad para niños donde puedes trabajar y ganar dinero, así como hacer cosas divertidas (que te cuestan dinero), no por ello que trabajar no sea divertido.

Te dejo algunas fotos de tus mejores momentos en MiniCity:

El circo, de tus preferidos.

Ganando dinero como mecánica.

Haciendo galletas, un trabajo que te encanta.

Un poco de deporte para el relax después del trabajo.

Make up time.

Y luego, a la pasarela. 

Breteando para pagar el salón de belleza.

Clases de manejo.

Y siempre, siempre hay tiempo para el arte en tu vida.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


halloween el año pasado estuvo rodeado de idas y venidas al hospital, de la esperanza que estuvieras pronto en casa.

En esta oportunidad lo disfrutamos de forma muy diferente. Tuviste la oportunidad de participar en la celebración en la escuela de Juli. Usaste el disfraz de unicornio que Mamá compró inclusive antes de que nacieras (Mamá no deja pasar una buena cyber-oferta).

Acá algunas de las fotos:


Cachetes es un detalle mi amor

Juli se queja que la escuela es aburrida... yeah right

Con todos los chicos y chicas

Con todos los chicos y chicas

Tour por la escuela



you said racing at the olympics was your dream and you'll train hard for it. I just came to make sure you will never forget it, and that you will never stop dreaming.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Casi un año después...


ya ha pasado casi un año desde que viniste a nuestras vidas. Viniste, para hacernos mejores personas, para darnos un gran ejemplo, y sobre todo, viniste para inspirarnos.

Casi un año después todos los que te rodeamos hemos tenido la fortuna de compartir tu magia. Tu serenidad nos hace poner los pies en la tierra y recordar lo realmente importante, tu sonrisa hace que nuestros corazones bailen de felicidad y ver tu esfuerzo y dedicación, al menos a mí, solo me hace una mejor persona (estoy seguro no soy el único que lo vive así).

Te quiero agradecer por todo lo mencionado, y lo quiero hacer dejándote este video que recopila fotos de esos primeros 11 meses desde el momento que di un beso por primera vez.

Te amamos y agradecemos por llenar de luz nuestras vidas.

Con cariño,


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pizza Making

This weekend we made some pizza with our neighbour and friend Maria Alejandra
You each chose your ingredients and they were delicious!

Then we made a dessert pizza with peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallows.

We have been cooking together for quite some time now and I notice a new level of confidence in you around the kitchen. I loved how you taught Mari Ale the things you knew and it made me realise how much you have learned. You may very well be ready to go solo real soon. 
Today I am grateful to see you grow in so many different ways.

Monday, May 13, 2013

NYC hangover in Miami.

After NYC your Dad went home and we stayed on in Miami. So first thing first: I am so sorry.
Not only for the quality of the photos (sucky!) but also for the quantity (not nearly enough).
Still it was fantastic staying at the Dickeys brand new pad with baby Oli. It was icing on the cake to have the abuelos there as well (of which I just realized I have no pictures #epicfail!)
Still. Simply loved been around two babies and watching them play next to each other. The whole house smelled to baby: AWESOME!

Here we are going to the park all together. 

Thank you Oli for lending me all of your toys. 
Cant wait for you to come to Quito so we can play with all of mine!

We got to spend some time at the abuelos and tio qcos new house as well; where Yolibu  held, played with, fed and burped you Luci. I do not know many 89 year olds willing and able to do all of this, but then again my Grandma is quite special.

Here she is at Joes Stone Crabs. 

It has been more than a decade, since your Great Grandma beat cancer; but cancer did not go down without a fight and took her ability of tasting food with it.  Whenever I sit at a table with her, I quietly admire her strength, grace and courage; all of which are evident in this here crappy picture (Oh Tito how I missed you!).  As we all sit there and enjoy delicious crabs, sweet potatoes and spinach, she graciously smiles and chit chats with all of us - while Grumpy over there at the head of the table complains about missing his golf and screams at all of us ;).

On this trip Juli you discovered Tia Inkys place: aka Mimis. You were in heaven there, swimming in the pool with Gaby for hours and then playing dress up to your hearts content. Its no wonder you spent the night and did not want to leave EVER! I was still getting some: "Mimi hubiera dicho Claro que si!" a week after we returned from Miami.

Meanwhile Bella Estrella goes everywhere you go. 
We even got her a back pack just like Lucis ;)

Today I am grateful for Titos pictures.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This was the most anticipated trip of the year for us.
I couldn't wait to share in all the celebration that Beas wedding was sure to be. Your Dad couldn't wait to take out his new Cannon for a ride and you couldn't wait to walk down the aisle as part of the wedding party.
The wedding was like straight out of a fairy tale. Simply magical!
The bride and groom were both as happy as can be. 

The lovely flower girls and the proud grandparents, who by the way look AMAZING in theirs 90s!

Then there was the reception. Great music. Great food. Great fun.

You threw down. Literally went for the split!

You had such a good time! 
When I asked you what your favorite part of the wedding was you replied: "The kiss mom, the kiss". 
Spoken like a true romantic.

Cant go to NYC and not stay for a bit of sightseeing 

The four of us walked most of Manhattan went to Rockefeller Center, The Village, Flatiron District, Soho, Little Italy, Grand Central Station, Washington Park, Bryant Park and of course Central Park and its zoo.

Visited the Natural History Museum and the Contemporary Museum of Art. You and I went for a showing of Cinderella on Broadway, which you loved! 
It was such a treat to witness the way you enjoyed the play. You could barely stay seated and by the end you were in the aisle dancing your heart away and clapping excitedly.

It was spring and we got to enjoy a lot of live music at the parks.  
This turned out to be a favorite activity for the four of us.

I took you to FAO Schwarz where you were allowed to pick one toy; you picked a very cool magic trick with light (bottom right pic). 

You girls also got to spend some time with Tita, Tio Andrew and Oli, as well as with the Abuelos who took Luci to the Pierre to meet the family one afternoon and took you to the American Girls store on 5th Ave where you picked out Bella Estrella. She has officially dethroned Pili who has been your favorite since you were 2 years old. 

My sweet Luci, you were such a trooper. We would stay out all day and you were cool as a cucumber, enjoying the sites and all the people you met along the way.
I foresee many trips in our future sweetheart.

Many people who love you, were anxious to meet you. Including your great grandparents, your great aunts Tia Tia and Tia Edna, your tia abuela Judy, Tia Pin and many others.
It was a veritable love fest!

Even our down time was filled with joy.
It was a fantastic trip. 

Today I am grateful for destination weddings, the love of family and great sights.

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