Monday, May 13, 2013

NYC hangover in Miami.

After NYC your Dad went home and we stayed on in Miami. So first thing first: I am so sorry.
Not only for the quality of the photos (sucky!) but also for the quantity (not nearly enough).
Still it was fantastic staying at the Dickeys brand new pad with baby Oli. It was icing on the cake to have the abuelos there as well (of which I just realized I have no pictures #epicfail!)
Still. Simply loved been around two babies and watching them play next to each other. The whole house smelled to baby: AWESOME!

Here we are going to the park all together. 

Thank you Oli for lending me all of your toys. 
Cant wait for you to come to Quito so we can play with all of mine!

We got to spend some time at the abuelos and tio qcos new house as well; where Yolibu  held, played with, fed and burped you Luci. I do not know many 89 year olds willing and able to do all of this, but then again my Grandma is quite special.

Here she is at Joes Stone Crabs. 

It has been more than a decade, since your Great Grandma beat cancer; but cancer did not go down without a fight and took her ability of tasting food with it.  Whenever I sit at a table with her, I quietly admire her strength, grace and courage; all of which are evident in this here crappy picture (Oh Tito how I missed you!).  As we all sit there and enjoy delicious crabs, sweet potatoes and spinach, she graciously smiles and chit chats with all of us - while Grumpy over there at the head of the table complains about missing his golf and screams at all of us ;).

On this trip Juli you discovered Tia Inkys place: aka Mimis. You were in heaven there, swimming in the pool with Gaby for hours and then playing dress up to your hearts content. Its no wonder you spent the night and did not want to leave EVER! I was still getting some: "Mimi hubiera dicho Claro que si!" a week after we returned from Miami.

Meanwhile Bella Estrella goes everywhere you go. 
We even got her a back pack just like Lucis ;)

Today I am grateful for Titos pictures.

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